"Adventures" continued... 

August 2007, In Crystal Rapid in the Grand Canyon following Martin Litton, the venerable 90 year old legend of the canyon, in his dory for "The Good Fight" with Ocean Studios.

June 2007 First look at Greensburg Kansas for Pilgrim Films and Discovery

June 2007, Directing Photography on HD with a GRBTV crew in "Midnight Terror Cave" for "The Bone Detective" to air in January 2008 on TLC.

Jan 2007 With Steadicam and Sony F900 on Kilimanjaro shooting "3 Peaks 3 Weeks" with Serac Films for Rush HD.

With Microjib and Varicam Directing Photography for "What Lies Below" a pilot for Discovery with Pilgrim Films.

Hard rain brings out the kids, Papua New Guinea. Joined John Lane and Ralph Cutter for a cave scouting adventure.

Roger Brown releases "Requiem for the West." This book and many Brown Family productions can be purchased on DVD at seracfilms.com.

Mike Rogers and Gordon with the Varicam shooting elk hunting for the Safari Club's (SCI) HD hunting series for OLN.

Gordon in Arafame, the first rapid after Lake Tana, on the first descent of the Blue Nile from source to sea while making the IMAX Film 'Mystery of the Nile'. This film went on to become the highest grossing large format film of 2004.

Gordon at Marin Headlands in a Wavesport Z on his way to join the rest of the Tsunami Rangers for their annual retreat at a secret location in Northern California.

Michael Brown's shot of Ticonderoga in open ocean while in the "Marblehead to Halifax Ocean Race" where Gordon and Michael were invited by Gary Swain to film the race and crew on three great boats: Nirvana, Ticonderoga and Southern Dream.

Roger Brown's shot of Gordon with MacGillivray Freeman Film's W14 IMAX camera preparing for a run through Warm Springs on the Yampa River in North Western Colorado.

Gordon's "high speed 16mm kayak vanity mount" set up on Michael Power's boat for National Geographic Explorer's "Wave Warriors."

In 2002 Gordon scouted Borneo for "Global Extremes", a reality adventure race for OLN.

Afghanistan, Gordon shot his fourth program for National Geographic Explorer: "Combat Cameramen."

March 2001 "Journey Into Amazing Caves" was released to become the highest grossing large format film of the year. Gordon directed photography on the Greenland segment. More about Greenland

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