Over the last 10 years Gordon has acquired a combination of some of the most technologically advanced lightweight camera moving products available. He has continued to modify and synthesize this package into a streamlined camera conveyance system that can be carried by a small local crew, into remote locations, setting a whole new creative benchmark while conserving valuable production resources. The creative flexibility garnered by this hybrid system brings a new level of production value to locations so remote that they would normally be relegated to a "camera only" scenario with today's budgets. Gordon offers special introductory rates on his services with equipment.


DJI Inspire I 4K Drone

DJI Ronin hand-held Gimbal, kitted out with Extensions to carry larger "built out" packages, Alexa, C500, Red Dragon, or Smaller, GH-4....

Alba Camera Ready Rig II, Flies Ronin for all day takes, reality style.

Aputure DEC, Remote Follow Focus for GH-4 & Canon Lenses

Lumix GH-4 shoots up to 4K

Canon "L" Lens package; 8-15mm, 24-70mm 70-200mm, 2x Extender

HyperLapse Rig, works with GH-4

Steadicam Archer II w/G-50 Arm Flies up to 28 lbs. Flies Ronin for specialty running shots

Steadicam Tango Arm flies <6lb. Cameras from below grade (with GoPro underwater), up to 9' and you can run with it!

12' MicroJib, Uses Ronin as Remote Gimbal Head for those sweet slow creeps.

MicroDolly w/26'straight track and 20' circle track includes MX Dolly Motor for Moving Time-Lapse on both types of track. This whole kit works with the Ronin for super smooth shots with rough terrain.

MicroSuctionMount Grip Kit, fixes most rigging problems. and works great for car mounts.

Basic Lighting including a Soft Light for interview setups.

The Steadicam Tango was developed by Garrett Brown as a the Ultimate Hand Held Camera Conveyor. Basically a jib on a Steadicam Archer with a range of literally lens below ground level to a height of over 8 feet. Cameras the Tango will fly range from Gordon's GH-4, to his GoPro Hero III Black for underwater to above, or the Red Epic which Gordon flew recently to shoot a 5K race.

For those long slow Jib shots Gordon uses his 12' Microjib, with the Ronin which works equally well on the Suction/Car Mount or Microdolly allowing smooth, silent, remote pan and tilt of the moving camera. With the integration of the MX Dollymotor system, time-lapse through high speed moves can be accommodated.

The advantage of Gordon's modified system is the crossover compatibility of components with fast set up times in light weight, waterproof cases and backpacks to allow high production value image acquisition in difficult, remote locations.


Ronin on the Microjib.

The developer of the Microdolly; Jerry Johnson did a remarkable job of designing and manufacturing light weight system. The Microdolly weighs in under 10 pounds with 13' lengths of straight track as thin as tent poles which sets up in under 5 minutes and can carry upwards of 50 lbs. Gordon has a full 20' diameter circle of track and integrated MX Dollymotor. Remote location moving time-lapse is a fast easy setup with remarkable flexibility.

Gordon's "Suction Mount Kit" provides mounting in almost any position on boats, airplanes, cars, bikes, even at high speeds, tested at Las Vegas Raceway at over 100 mph the system performed flawlessly.

The basic 12' Microjib disassembles to fit in a backpack, weighs in at 15 pounds and carries cameras twice its weight with ease. The Microjib is designed to counterbalance with water, rocks, sand or anything else handy you want to put in the basket, so there is no need to bring weights just to counter balance the camera. The Microjib's silent operation allowed Gordon to use it in a hypnosis session with with a UFU abduction victim on a pilot program with Pilgrim TV for Discovery. "The silent operation of the jib is the only way we could get the shot of both the hypnotist and the subject given the tight space on location"


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Gordon running with Steadicam with Sony F900H on "3 Peaks 3 Weeks" for Serac Adventure Films on Kilimanjaro in Tanzania Jan. 2007.

Gordon with Microjib and "3 Peaks 3 Weeks" team beyond Baraka Camp on Kilimanjaro.

Gordon with Microjib and Sony F900 shooting toward Meru from Kilimanjaro, using local rocks as counterbalance.

Gordon in Iceland with Microjib shooting "What Lies Below" Pilot for Discovery with Pilgrim Films.

Gordon also has a large amount of sports and sport cinematography equipment including Underwater Coms. Buddy Phones, housings, rigging equipment, single rope technology, spelio-equipment and mounting expertise for aerial, floating and vehicle rigs.

In addition to underwater HMIs and a DP kit Gordon has a small lighting package tailored the fit the "Highly Portable Production Profile" including 6 battery operated LitePads HO. sets of 3"x6", 6"x6" and 12"x12" Pads can run off either AC or batteries, are dimable and daylight balanced. They make a great fill light for daytime interviews as well as providing hassle free press lights. The LitePads are amazingly useful in cars where they can be taped to the dash or hung from the visor and in small spaces like tents where they can be slipped into a pocket or hand held. With a color temperature of 6000 kelvin and a small filter pack for each light, these are the perfect "anywhere light" that have saved many nights and more than one day. Mains power or not the LitePads are faster, smaller and lighter than comparable lights for small sets or "specials" and save time running "stingers" to ultimately keep the set cleaner.

To complement the lighting, cameras and support system Gordon has 2 Powerflex Portable Solar Collectors from Global Solar. These 30 watt folding collectors run directly into Tekkeon intermediate lithium batteries which after the sun goes down can then be used to charge or power a variety of devices from the LitePads to camera batteries or cell phones with output voltage in a range from 4.5v to 19v. Lighting, camera, Gimbal and monitoring, are all seamlessly integrated.

In summary, Gordon has developed his entire Production Package to be as light and capable as possible to give you the greatest creative potential in the most remote locations with all the normal constraints of time and budget.

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