A 3-time National Emmy Award-winning cameraman, Gordon is versed in a wide range of subjects:
Extreme Sports, Reality TV, One and Multi-Camera Interviews, Lighting, POV and Specialty Camera Rigging. Gordon is an Owner Operator of a Ronin/Ready Rig, Steadicam Archer II/Tango, a Microdolly, a 12’ Microjib and Microdolly as well as specialized mounts, lighting and housings. He has extensive experience with high adventure in extreme and remote places, including: the Arctic, vertical ice, surf zone, high seas, terrestrial and littoral caves. Outdoor skills include extreme kayaking in class V rivers and extreme ocean conditions (with 5 first descents of rivers including the Nile from source to sea), scuba diving, (wreck, welding, Arctic, underwater communications), rock and ice climbing, vertical work, including SRT (Single Rope Technique), skiing, (alpine and Nordic), horsemanship, sailing, mountain biking, remote teamwork and survival. All of these skills were developed for media acquisition. Mastered acquisition formats include:
IMAX, 35mm, 16mm, 4K, HD and small specialty cameras.

Following is a partial list of projects:

"The Curse of Oak Island" Camera Op, History Channel, Prometheus Productions
"Northern Territory" Director of Photography, Discovery, Gurney Productions
"Yukon Men" Director of Photography, Discovery, Yukon Route Productions
"Colorado River" Director of Photography, Earth in the Age of Man, PBS, Passion Pictures
“Capture", Camera Operator, Reality Series, CW, Renegade 83 Productions
“Rags to Riches” Director of Photography, Reality/Documentary, Paul-Tergeist Productions
“Insects And The City” Director of Photography, Series Pilot for Discovery, Asylum Entertainment
“Natural Born Sellers” Director of Photography, Reality/HGTV, Asylum Entertainment
“21st Century Warships” Camera Operator, US Naval LCS Class, National Geographic TV
“Rajin Cajuns” Director of Photography, Discovery Series, Gurney Productions
“Life on Mars” Director of Photography, Chile/Bolivia High Altitude Studies, NASA
“Beyond Series” Director of Photography, Inspirational Docudrama, Adventist Media Network
“Deadliest Catch” Deck Camera Operator, King Crab Fall Season, Original Productions
“Deadly Descents” Director of Photography, Caving Puerto Rico, Pyburn Films
“Bone Detectives” Director of Photography, Belize, Discovery GRBTV
“The Mountain Within” Director of Photography, Kilimanjaro Charity Climb, FocusUp Media
“Saudi Aramco” Camera Operator, Aramco 75th Anniversary Film, Catchlight Films
“Redemption?” Camera Operator, Barry Minkow Story, Intelescape Films
“The Good Fight” Director of Photography, Grand Canyon Kayak, Ocean Studios
“Eco Town” Director of Photography, Leo Dicaprio, Discovery, Pilgrim Films
“Lincoln” Director of Photography, Historical for Discovery, Evergreen Films
“The Bone Detective” Director of Photography, Mayan Caves Belize, GRBTV, TLC
“3 Peaks 3 Weeks” Director of Photography, Tanzania, Rush HD, Serac Adventure Films
“Hazard Pay” Camera Operator, Aircraft Carrier USS Ronald Regan, Discovery, Pilgrim Films
“Hazard Pay” Diving Camera Operator, Underwater Welders, Discovery, Pilgrim Films
“Fighting Malaria” Director of Photography, East Africa Doc, Serac Films, Novartis
“American Hotrod” Camera Operator, Reality TV, Pilgrim Films
“Iceland Caves” Director of Photography, Discovery Pilot, Pilgrim Films
“Mystery of the Nile” Expedition Camera Operator, IMAX Nile First Descent Expedition, MFF*
“Rivers of the Yunnan” Director of Photography, China and Tibet River Runner Documentary, Outside TV
“Combat Cameramen” Camera Operator, Bagram Afghanistan, National Geographic TV
“Journey Amazing Caves” Director of Photography, IMAX Greenland Ice Caves, MFF*
“On The White Nile” Director, Cameraman, Uganda Outside TV, OLN
“Himalayan Mt. Bike” Director/Cameraman, Bike to Everest Base Camp, AAP, OLN**
“Tsunami Rangers” Director/Cameraman, Extreme Coastal Kayaking, AAP, OLN**
“Wave Warriors” Director, Cameraman Extreme Coastal Kayaking, National Geographic Explorer
“Rivers of the Maya” Director of Photography, Expedition Earth, ESPN**
“Jungle Kayakers” Camera Operator, Kayaking Southern Mexico, National Geographic Explorer

*(MFF MacGillivray Freeman Films. Both IMAX films were “Highest Grossing Large Format Films” in
their respective years of release) **(National Sports Emmy Awards for Film/video Cinematography.

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