Gordon Brown was shooting IMAX for MacGillivray Freeman Films Production of "Journey Into Amazing Caves"when Michael Brown shot this picture from a platform, set mid-way down inside a 600' deep ice cave in the Greenland Ice Cap.

A 5-time Emmy Award winner, Gordon Brown is recognized as a leading commercial cinematographer and adventure filmmaker. With over 20 years of professional experience Gordon's innovative style and provocative technique has captivated audiences of both the large and small screen. By working with a wide range of formats, Gordon has continuously challenged the limits of film and video within the barriers of location and budget. Gordon is as comfortable rappelling into 600' deep ice caves in Greenland with an IMAX camera as he is doing HD interviews with a studio crew in Los Angeles or running helmet-mounted kayaking POVs through Class V whitewater on the Nile. Gordon has shot HD for Disney and 35mm for National Commercials. He cut his teeth shooting 16mm handheld travel shots while skiing with the Mahre brothers in the mid '80s.

Gordon's commercial clients include Coors, Michelob, Janus Funds, Clairol, Vail Ski Area and the State Tourism Boards of both Colorado and West Virginia. Gordon has achieved acclaim as cinematographer and videographer for nationally televised programs on National Geographic Explorer, ABC, CBS, NBC, Discovery, ESPN, MTV, TLC, W, The Hope Channel and OLN. Independent film credits include director of photography on "The Face", in which Gordon worked with ILM to effectively integrate 35mm live action shots with a 3D animated fish. He also directed photography on "Taking The Wheel", a comedic short film starring John Cleese.


Gordon's work has been honored with numerous awards, including 3 National Emmys, 2 Regional Emmys, Best of Festival at Prague, Best Whitewater Film at the Banff Mountain Film Festival, 2 CINE Golden Eagles, 2 Cindys, The Grand Prize of the International Ski Film Festival as well as several additional National Emmy Nominations...



YUKON MEN (early teaser) Director of Photography

BEYOND SERIES TRAILER 2:30 Director of Photography

BEYOND PAIN TRAILER 2:54 Director of Photography

BEYOND CONFLICT TRAILER 2:37 Director of Photography

BEYOND DEATH TRAILER 1:59 Director of Photography

BEYOND WARNING TRAILER 1:41 Director of Photography

RAJIN CAJUNS (segmented) Director of Photography

"SD Film" Reels






IMAX 7:34 SD

Select Adventures....

"Capture" Series- CW Network, Gordon operates "Chase Camera" "Steadicam Tango" and "Hyperlapse" for Renegade 83.

New Orleans for "Insects in the City", Steadicam Tango, Gordon's newest equipment addition.

A short 4 day stint on the USS Freedom, LCS for National Geographic's "21st Century Warships" blowing up and sinking remote controlled RIBs (Rigid Hull Inflatible Boats), and crusing at 50mph on a 300' boat with a 13 foot draft. Good ol' American red blooded fun...unless you happen to be a Somali pirate!

Gordon diving on the Great Barrier Reef, "Beyond Series" Kyle Portbury (Kilimanjaro) directs a ground breaking series for the Seventh Day Adventists to air in Austrailia.

Shooting on the Bering Sea, Alaska "Deadliest Catch" with Original Productions for Discovery.

Tucson shooting F-16s for the United Arab Emirates.... Photo: Matt Crocco.

Back in Las Vegas and the Mid West shooting a pilot with Dana White through Pilgrim Films and TV.

Back to Chile to join a NASA team as Director/Cameraman for "Are We Alone?" for Discovery. Nathalie Cabrol leads her intrepid team of scientists in search of life in an incredibly harsh, environmental analogue to Mars four and a half billion years ago.

Camera Operator on "Run For Money" for Sci Fi, in LA.

Fly to Argentina and drive through the Andes to Chaiten Chile to join a Pilgrim TV crew making a program for "In Harm's Way" for CW.

Back to Tanzania to climb Kilimanjaro for Kyle Portbury's "The Mountain Within" Enham Kilimanjaro Challenge. You can see more including trailer at themountainwithin.com. What Kyle reports: "Gordon is the consummate adventure cinematographer, I couldn't have asked for a better creative collaborator. He is intuitive, proactive, listens to what you are going for and then gets it every time. Can't wait to make more films together." You can see more about Kyle's team at www.focusupmedia.com

Back in the Kingdom with the Microjib shooting for Saudi Aramco. Lee Schnieder of Docucinema directs.

"Adventures" Continued....

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